Meet the Team

Mike Jenkins

Legal services co-ordinator based in the UK, Mike is responsible for the initial brief. He will discuss the client requirements and then discuss directly with the legal team in China. Knowledgeable in Chinese Contract Law, IP protection, Brand registration he can offer assistance at a basic level prior to introduction of the legal team based in China. He has personally been responsible for the introduction of the” No Win No Fee” system for companies that have received poor quality, incorrect goods or simply have suffered a fraud. Mike is a well educated and approachable individual and has a deep understanding of Chinese culture and business practice.


Fiona Lee

Managing Partner Educated at Hunan Science and Technology University and Law School of Xiangtan University (IIM, Master of Law), Fiona Lee worked for the leading law firm of P.R.China, Advanced China IP Law Firm and Watson-holdings Co., Ltd as a full-time corporate legal advisor, before joining the team as an associate in 2011.

Fiona advises and represents foreign and foreign-invested companies on foreign direct investment, international trade, general corporate matters, intellectual property protection, employment law, and dispute resolution. Among others, Fiona has assisted European and American companies to establish a presence in China, to adopt systems of corporate governance and to manage employment and commercial relations. She also advises on investment structures and exit strategies, international commercial transactions, tax compliance and customs matters, and represents businesses in negotiations with counterparts and governments departments.

She is recognised as an expert in the areas of Intellectual Property protection and Brand registration working with the Chinese Government to carry out raids and take action over copyright breach.

Fiona is a senior lecturer of International Business Management Department of Guangdong University of Business Studies where she teaches Business English and International Business Law and has published a series of articles on legal academic journals.


Vincent Yang

Law master of Xiantan University. Vincent has been practising law for 5 years since obtaining his lawyers certificate in 2009. As senior attorney, Vincent concentrates on legal service for enterprise mainly handling commercial affairs. His knowledge of corporate law is extensive. He has helped in the formation of many overseas organisation and works closely with our office team advising on contract breach and rectification. Vincent is an approachable and talented lawyer. A valuable member of our team in China.


Olivia Lui

Key accounts manager : Olivia is an English business graduate from Hubei province. She is very experienced in international trade. She has worked in a contracts team previously dealing with order placement . Previous responsibilities included inspection team co-ordination and inspection review.


Xia Ying Yun

Legal secretary, multilingual, well educated. Key roles include information preparation, translation and general assistance to members of the legal team. Working primarily for senior partners, she has much experience in legal procedure and protocol.


Li Dan

Li Dan is the link between the Account Management team and Legal services division. She is responsible for contract law relating to order processing systems and monitors active contracts with suppliers. Her primary responsibility is too the “ Your Office In China “ monthly customers reporting to both Erica Ban the office manager, Mike Jenkins and the relevant CSR progress relating to any outstanding legal matter. Educated at Hunan City University she is a multi lingual speaker achieving TEM 8 level in English language and business law.

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