Legal Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services to both companies and individuals. Our team are fully qualified and specialist in their associated areas of expertise. Be it investment within China, Company formation, partnership, Intellectual Property protection, Property issues or litigation, we are well positioned to offer quality and effective advise.

We offer a number of fixed cost solutions, these are detailed below (subject to terms and conditions).

Corporate Issues

  • Design of Corporate Governance;
  • Increase or Reduction of Registered Capital etc;
  • Taxation Consulting;
  • Customs Formalities;
  • Due Diligence;
  • Funds repatriation

Labour Dispute

  • Issuance and Listing of shares;
  • Shares Transfer;
  • Merger & Acquisition;


Bankruptcy and Liquidation;

  • Contract/Agreement Drafting/ Reviewing including: Distribution Agreement, Sales Agency Agreement, International Sales Contract, Investment Contract, Partnership Agreement, Articles of Incorporation etc.

International Trade
(Import & Export):

  • International Sales Contract
  • Issues related to international Trade, including payment instrument; Letter of Credit; shipment & ocean Bill of Lading; Insurance etc.


  • Legal analysis on and initial planning for the establishment of franchise businesses;
  • Franchise contract drafting or reviewing;
    Other franchise related legal matters.

Intellectual Property Protection

  • Trademark;
  • Patent;
  • Copyright;
  • Trade secret;
  • Trade Name;
  • Brand Registration
  • Domain Name;
  • Unfair Competition;
  • Licensing & Transfer of IP Rights
  • IP Infringement Search and Investigation etc. Working with China ICAB (Industry and Commerce Administration Bureau) to investigate counterfeiting

Personal Legal Advice

  • Personal Investment in China
  • Immovable Property Lease & Purchase
  • Individual Income Tax In China

Fraud and Delivery Disputes

  • Arbitration representation
  • Litigation
  • Dispute resolution
  • Fraud investigation
  • Police and Foreign Trade criminal activity notification

Fixed Price Services

Company Checks


Standard check: Fixed price company check examines the export and company licences, comparing these with the Government records, checking that they are current. Direct contact with the company by phone land line and confirmation of company bank details.

Standard Company visit and company overview

£239.00 + VAT

Visit and photograph report detailing company buildings, extent of quality systems, general inspectors opinion. Includes travel Cost.

Large Transaction Checks

Cost by quotation

We can arrange for a financial audit of a Chinese company, we would recommend this when the likely hood of high transaction values and / or a long term critical supply relationship is likely. We will arrange our accountants to visit the site and carry out a full financial audit.

Sole supply and Territorial agreements


Agree sole supply terms and conditions, territorial rights and secure the supply chain. Standard agreements from £850.00 for suppliers standard products.

Fixed Price Brand Registration

£620.00 + VAT

Brand registration service from (subject to conditions): Protect yourself for the future. Anyone interested in marketing the products in China should immediately register the brand. Many instances exist where individuals register brands in China, which indeed the restricts the sales of or means costly rebranding is required.

Single Legal Letter

£85 +VAT including consultation

Senior Legal Hourly Rate £140+ vat per hour
Legal Hourly Rate £100+ vat per hour

Initial consultation free of charge.
Monthly retainer services available.
No Win, No Fee services.

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